My personal opinion on the science of cloning

This page offers comparisons of survey results for three technologies: reproductive cloning, research cloning, and inheritable genetic modification clearly, the results vary due to the wording of the questions, populations surveyed, and dates however, these summaries can reveal some consistent. Understanding the real science of cloning behind the headlines and the hubbub. Each newly produced individual is a clone of the original monozygotic (identical) twins are natural clones clones contain identical sets of genetic material in the nucleus—the compartment that contains the chromosomes—of every cell in their bodies thus, cells from two clones have the same dna and the same genes in. B what individual or social benefits might human cloning produce e-7 moral arguments the response of most scientific and political leaders to the prospect of human cloning, indeed of dr wilmut the latter right has only been explicitly defended to my knowledge by two commentators, and in the context of human. Most religious ethicists consider human cloning to be wrong the most permissive among them urge great caution in using this kind of genetic manipulation science however has its own ethicists and generally they take the opposite view scientists tend to focus on the positive benefits of cloning and discount the dangers. Your reaction: the following comments reflect the balance of opinion we have received so far: research by rogue doctors, charlatans, and 'raelians' ( remember those that can do the science are so full of themselves, and they never seem to put themselves in the position of the cloned individual who will. Now, mitalipov and his team have made clones using the same basic technique that created dolly the cloned sheep in 1996 the scientists took skin cells' nuclei —the centers of the cells, where the cells keep their dna—and transplanted them into eggs that had their own genetic material removed. You love your dog or cat someday your dog or cat will die (i'm sorry, but it's inevitable) what if you could put aside the genetic materials to make a perfect copy of your beloved animal, a clone of your pet would you do it this is something we need to think about, as individuals and, more importantly, as a society cloning.

Biology a cell, cell product, or organism that is genetically identical to the unit or individual from which it was derived a population of identical units, cells, or individuals that derive from the same ancestral line 2 a person or thing that duplicates, imitates, or closely resembles another in appearance, function, performance,. With the way that cloning research is going, you might someday get your wish the united states government recently decided that it's safe it might also be possible to use cloning to save endangered animals if there are too few of them to reproduce well on their own farmers also have an interest in cloning the average. Barbra streisand explains: why i cloned my dog barbra streisand had one wonderful dog then, sort of, she had four she explains by barbra streisand march 2, 2018. Not just any lamb, dolly was a clone rather than being made from a sperm and an egg, she originated from a mammary gland cell of another, no-longer-living, 6- year-old [finn-dorset] ewe with her birth, a scientific and societal revolution was also born some prominent scientists raised doubts it was too.

The synthetic ways never replace the natural processes and phenomena science may take analogies from hec regards jahangir neeran jasim 4 months ago neeran jasim university of al-qadisiyah yes dear drnadabut i want discuss the personal and social views on the subject of human cloning thanks. While no scientifically verifiable birth of a human clone has yet been reported, the technology and scientific understanding are already in place to make although in theory i should respect the autonomy of others as i live out my own autonomy, in practice an autonomous mindset predisposes me to be.

In one example that seems like science fiction come true, some cloned mice that appeared normal suddenly, as young adults, grew grotesquely fat it is not that one particular thing goes wrong ''in my opinion,'' he said, ''all it takes right now is time, money and talent'' the only question is who will do it first,. Please remember that not all of this has proven true nor is able to be proven yet, but has simply been argued as a scientific hypothesis finally, my own personal opinion will be stated defining human cloning when speaking of human cloning, what is meant different groups and organizations define it differently to use a. Where we once dreamed of (and feared) human replicas, science is now focused on the promise of therapeutic cloning dr bertalan mesko is the medical futurist, a health care speaker and author of the guide to the future of medicine and my health: upgraded the world was stunned when scientists.

My personal opinion on the science of cloning

When you hear the word “cloning,” you may think of the cloning of whole organisms, such as dolly the sheep however, all it means to clone something is to make a genetically exact copy of it in a molecular biology lab, what's most often cloned is a gene or other small piece of dna if your friend the molecular biologist say.

  • Few science and technology–related issues have sparked as much survey attention as the public controversy over human embryonic stem cell research and therapeutic cloning interest groups, advocates, and policymakers on both sides of the debate have taken advantage of poll results to support their.
  • While the scientists responsible for the cloned macaques maintain that they have no plans to pursue human cloning, the fact remains that the scientific obstacles preventing such a project are being dismantled soon, the only potential hurdles will be ethical ones centered on the idea of whether the benefits.

In this post i will only highlight some initial thoughts that struck me when looking at the old article and at some of the news that's been generated by hua hua and zhong zhong, the cloned monkeys i shall not go into the science and ethics of this achievement, as others have done this much better than i ever. You cannot clone a person's brain or mind, and chance factors, the environment, and a person's experiences contribute to individual traits this means that even if you wanted to, you cannot duplicate your identical self even if you were to clone yourself several times, you would not be able to create the same person each. Fertilization properly so-called is replaced by the fusion of a nucleus taken from a somatic cell of the individual one wishes to clone, or of the somatic cell itself, with an by regarding these hypothetical cases as science fiction, proposals can soon be advanced for cloning considered reasonable or compassionate: the.

My personal opinion on the science of cloning
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